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Nick Kroll as Mookie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jared_Andrews 5 / 10

A Movie for Basketball Fans and Young Hoop Dreamers

Uncle Drew is based on a series of Pepsi Max advertisements that began in 2012, which introduced its titular character. A feature-length film based on a few television-length ad spots should spell disaster and may appear to be nothing more than a cash grab. Yet, surprisingly, it works.

Uncle Drew (played by Kyrie Irving in prosthetics and old-man makeup) is a streetball legend and one of the greatest to ever grace the blacktop at Rucker Park, the mecca of the outdoor hoops world. At least, he was great in 1968. After skipping the championship game 50 years ago, he disappeared.

Enter Dax (the always hilarious Lil Rel Howery), a basketball lifer whose playing career ended abruptly in junior high after a moment of failure that left him scarred. Now, he coaches, and he's putting together a team to vie for the $100,000 prize awarded to the winner of the annual tournament at Rucker Park.

After his lifelong nemesis steals his team, Dax seeks the help of Uncle Drew to field a roster. In hilarious fashion, they gather up Uncle Drew's old squad, zipping across the east coast in the old guy's ancient van that's equipped with shag carpets and an 8-track tape player.

Former pros Shaquille O'Neal, Lisa Leslie, Nate Robinson, Chris Webber and Reggie Miller, each flaunting geriatric garb and cartoonish characteristics, hop in the van and head off to re-live their glory days. None of them are doing this for fame or fortune. They're doing this for love of the game and love of each other.

This movie is not meant to be nitpicked. If you find yourself doing so, you will undoubtedly detect numerous issues that will detract from your enjoyment. I advise that viewers suspend their disbelief. This movie doesn't take itself too seriously and neither should anyone watching it.

The story (though derivative) and the characters (though mostly played by non-actors) are charming. The athletes won't win any awards for their performances, but they're out here having fun, and their fun is contagious. Their effervescence paired with the film's upbeat rhythm make this an enjoyable watch for basketball fans everywhere.

Make no mistake-this is a movie for basketball fans. Many of the jokes are inside references to the real lives of the former players and to other basketball movies (the homage to Hoosiers is a real treat). For good measure, the writers also mix in a fair amount of pop culture references, including Dax's joke about Get Out, which makes for an interesting meta moment, given that Lil Rel Howery also starred in that movie.

Ultimately, Dax's backstory fuels the film's heart and makes this a worthwhile watch to more than just hoop lovers. His character arc is deep and empathetic. Others have doubted him his whole life, and now his adversary (Nick Kroll) and unreliable girlfriend (Tiffany Haddish) doubt him once again. Through basketball and through his newfound friends, he finally finds someone to believe and him. And, most importantly, he learns to believe in himself.

Reviewed by charlie-krausse 5 / 10

Uncle Drew laughs and dunks but is very predictable

What started out as a Pepsi Max commercial then evolved to a YouTube chapter has now taken its next step in evolution... an Uncle Drew movie. For those who haven't seen the original commercial, think Grandmama from the early '90s. Instead of Larry Johnson, insert Kyrie Irving who 'philosophises' youngbloods on the game of basketball and how it should be played.

Set on the premise of an annual outdoor hoops tournament, Dax finds himself in need of a team to coach just 72 hours before the start of the tournament. Broke, homeless and recently dumped; he heard legends of the mythical "Uncle Drew" from his hayday in the 1960's but didn't believe the hype. Until he stumbled into a chance meeting with the blacktop legend.

As predictable as expected, Uncle Drew agrees to play for Dax under several conditions. First, Uncle Drew choose his teammates. And second, Uncle Drew is the weatherman and can only control the heat in his van. Turns out that's a running joke throughout the film. A funny joke none-the-less.

The funny scenes are stolen throughout the movie Chris Webber's character is introduced! When you have acting legends such as Shaq, he must be funny. Actually, the two of them are the comic relief in the film. Especially during the baptism and the night club dance off. Apparently, that's a real thing.

The funny scenes are hilarious, laugh out loud funny. Not just LOL, but actually laugh out loud. The remaining scenes, not so much. And as predictable as the sun rising every morning, the movie ends as expected. With a running time of 103 minutes, scenes still could have been cut. At the end of the day, its a fun summer movie that didn't take itself serious (minus a sentimental moment before the start of the tournament) so the audience shouldn't either and just enjoy the film.


Reviewed by mildredwalters 8 / 10

Laugh Out Loud Funny

A senior citizen, I went to this movie with my 29 year-old daughter and 13 year-old granddaughter. We all had our laugh out loud moments during the movie.It's fun and appealing. I can't think of anything not to like. Even the despicable characters were so extreme you had to like them. If you go to the movie for the fun of it-not to critique-you will enjoy.

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